Individual Outplacement

If you are being made redundant we can offer practical support to help you find a new role as quickly as possible, or to take advantage of the opportunity redundancy offers to take your career in a new direction.


Our outplacement services will help you:

  • Feel more confident at a vulnerable time.

  • Identify what you would like your next role to be and your longer-term career goals.

  • Write a winning CV.

  • Develop your personal brand and an elevator pitch.

  • Develop a targeted and efficient job-search campaign.

  • Help you to use social media and to network effectively.

  • Be shortlisted for a greater number of roles.

  • Develop your interview skills via mock interviews and by learning interview techniques.

  • Have a higher success rate, so you may have multiple offers.

  • Help you negotiate job offers.

Start a business / become self-employed

Redundancy may present the opportunity to become a freelance consultant, start your own business or to totally change career.

If you want to change career or start a business we will help you in the following ways:

  • Identify your transferrable skills and to focus on these skills for maximum impact.

  • Ensure the self-employment route is the right one for you.

  • Identify your new market place and gather the relevant industry knowledge.

  • Create a viable plan or route into a new career or industry, or assist with writing a business plan.

  • Assist you with the practical steps needed to set up a business.

  • Financial planning.

  • Ongoing business coaching.


We work with clients from a very wide range of sectors.  We are as at home dealing with a client from a law or accountancy firm as we are dealing with a fashion designer or photographer.

Outplacement programme costs

We find that no two individuals have the same needs and for that reason we will make an initial assessment in consultation with you and will tailor make a package and price accordingly.  This initial consultation is a free service, we want to ensure we get off on the right foot so that we are happy working together. 

Tax & VAT advantages of outplacement

Outplacement organised as part of your redundancy package is tax-free. Additionally your company can reclaim the VAT at no cost to you.


Why work with us?

We have dealt with more than 10,000 people that have gone through outplacement since 2009, so really know what we are doing. You will be matched with a highly experienced coach who knows your industry and also understands the unsettling period you are going through and how to make the transition as smooth and successful for you as possible.


Get in touch

Please call for an informal chat to find out how we can help you.

We work on a nationwide basis as we can work with you remotely via Skype.

Praise from some of our clients

Thank you so much for all your help. You really picked me up from feeling pretty worried about it all. I got a job and started work last Wednesday working for a company that build ecommerce websites as a senior project manager. You really did make a big difference. Your efforts will be long remembered.
— Matthew Forsyth
This is a role I want to pursue long-term… The support you and your team have provided has been greatly appreciated and is invaluable. Thank you so much.
— Sheila Peacock
Having been made redundant, I decided it was time for a career change. You helped me to understand more clearly my strengths and ambitions and how to apply these to my career strategy…
— Lee Graham
I’m delighted to tell you I have indeed managed to find a great new job and I can’t stress enough how much you helped me. I felt hopeless, I knew I was doing something wrong but I had no idea what and I wasn’t getting constructive feedback from anywhere else. I was amazed at how simple it was to transform my CV and interview answers into something really employable... and how quickly I got a job offer after I put those changes into practice!
— Milly Glaister
Really, thank you so much. I didn’t know how to really sell myself to employers with confidence. Your workshop and 1:2:1 help really did the trick. I have received several job offers since coming to you and have just accepted an offer as Manager at Eurostar.
— Edgar Kalambani
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