Corporate Outplacement

Having to make staff redundant can be stressful for all parties. We can take the stress out of the situation by offering your redundant staff bespoke practical support.

Benefits of Outplacement

Utilising our outplacement services will allow you to concentrate on running your remaining team knowing that your redundant staff are being supported by experts.

Outplacement can help in two ways:

  • It benefits the redundant employee by helping them secure a new role far quicker than without outplacement support.

  • It enables the existing staff to stay engaged and committed to their work so that productivity in a period of instability does not falter, thus protecting the company brand and reputation throughout the transition period.


Our Experience

We work with individuals facing redundancy and with larger scale redundancies of 10,000+ people (over an eighteen month period).

We have worked with a wide range of industries including: hospitals; universities; colleges; government departments; charities; as well as private and public companies - including household company names.


Our Services

  1. One-to-one outplacement coaching - click here for Individual Outplacement

  2. Bespoke workshops designed around a particular industry - taking into account levels of staff as well as geographical area.

We can be very creative with a small budget without compromising the level of support offered.


Group workshop outplacement support

Group workshop support can be a cost effective way to deal with larger scale redundancies. Our workshops are often the chosen route when making 12 or more people redundant at once.

The workshops will help participants to:

  • Feel more confident at a vulnerable time.

  • Identify what they would like their next role to be and longer-term career goals.

  • Write a winning CV.

  • Develop a personal brand and an elevator pitch.

  • Develop a targeted and efficient job-search campaign.

  • Use social media, network effectively and build relationships with recruiters to gain employment.

  • Be shortlisted for a greater number of roles.

  • Develop interview skills by learning interviews techniques.

  • Have a higher success rate, so they may have multiple job offers.

Get in touch

Please call for an informal chat to find out how we can help.

Gratitude from one of our clients

Thank you very much again for the excellent training session this morning. It’s very much appreciated. Hope to be working with you soon again.
— Griet Lorent, Senior Policy Adviser for Department of Work and Pensions

Praise from our workshop participants

I found a job soon after the workshop and am currently an Application Developer at Addison. I think the course made a big difference, in particular, the work we did on my CV profile. I immediately noticed an improved response to my CV from recruiters.
— Ireo Ostacchini
I found the workshop really useful, comprehensive and a great stimulus to looking at my CV and my strengths. The result – a new job within weeks as Head of Savings and Investments at the Post Office.
— Les Berry
I have found a great new job, thank you. I’m Assistant Fund Accountant for a Private Equity Firm. The workshop was very good; I learnt a lot when I thought I knew everything there was to know about CVs.
— Sadifer Ali
I would recommend the workshop to anyone! I thought it would just be about creating CV’s. It was not just about practical things but also about identifying, realising strengths and skills and how to communicate these effectively in interview. I am now Strategy Director at a well-known branding agency.
— Ellen Monaghan
I would highly recommend the workshop and the coach who conducted the session was outstanding! It really helped me gain my self-confidence and produce a very professional looking CV, which helped me get work straight away.
— Julie Floyd
I would certainly recommend the workshop, as I found it useful, interesting, a confidence-booster and very motivating. I am now employed in a permanent post as Senior Media Officer
— Allison McDonald
After the workshop I sent off my improved CV to Legal & General and they have offered me a job in Customer Investments. I am really excited about this career change… I wanted to a say a big thank you for all your help.
— Yvette Mannouch
I have a great new job as the Head of Donor Care & Community Fundraising for a charity called…I found the workshop helpful as it equipped me well to prepare my CV, complete application forms and frame answers to interview questions.
— Tim Harford
I have now found an excellent job in Guernsey at the Office of Utility Regulation as the Head of Regulatory Policy. I thought the coach leading the workshop was brilliant and would therefore recommend to others.
— Jeanne Golay
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