When looking for a new job, having a good recruiter can give you access to jobs that you may not know about from your own efforts.   So how do you ensure you build a successful relationship with them?

1. Remember recruiters are not employed by you.

Recruitment agencies are paid an introduction fee for finding and placing the candidate, they are not employed by the job seeker.  You need to be targeted to find an agency that is relevant to your industry, salary level and geographical location as well as establishing whether the agency deals with interim or permanent roles.

2. Don’t register with too many agents

Making contact with 2 or 3 specific agencies.  You will know an agency is working properly for you as they will offer up jobs that are specific to your level etc.  They will ask permission to submit your details, interview you either in person on the phone to clarify that you are suitable which should result in some interviews.  If you don’t feel an agency is being proactive you can then approach others, you will normally know within a few weeks.

2. CV Preparation

To help a recruiter, ensure you have brushed up your CV, don’t expect them to do that for you.  Write a winning profile so that they know exactly what your experience and achievements are.  Make them want to work with you.

3. Keep a list

It is fine to work with more than one recruiter but you should keep a list of where you have agreed to let them submit your CV.  You don’t want 2 or 3 recruiters putting your CV forward to the same job.  It will annoy the recruiter as they will feel they are embarrassed with a firm as well as having their efforts wasted. 

4. Stay in touch & Refer

Once you have secured a new role, stay in touch with the recruiter, say thank you if they did a good job and refer colleagues.  You never know when you might need to work with them again.

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